It is finished! Sort of. Beta Readers Wanted, Inquire within.

’til Death is now a completed manuscript! I finished the penultimate draft thirty-six minutes before my thirty-sixth birthday. I’m a novelist now, just not a published one.

I wrote this book to tell a fun story about life in a 1950’s America where the recently deceased come back as ghosts, often enough that it’s an accepted part of living.  How would people behave if the hereafter was a given?

That story is done, but I need your help.


The cover, (newsletter subscribers will get the first look at this week), has my name in white letters. If I’m going to publish something with my name on it, the quality needs to be top notch. I can’t ask anyone to buy something unless I can say with absolute certainty I put my best into it.

I’ve hired one of the best cover artists in the publishing industry today. The manuscript is being edited by a fantastic editor, a rookie like me, but worth her weight in gold. Professional formatters and printers are standing by…

And here’s where you might come into play. The book needs beta reading before I submit a final draft to amazon.

What is a beta reader?  Consider them constructive critics, also called “the superheroes self-publishing.”

I’m looking for four types of Beta Readers:

1. Story Critique Beta Readers: I’d like to hear from those with an ability to deconstruct plot and character development, hearing what they have to say about plot pacing, empathy with characters, and overall satisfaction with how the story resolved.

2. Historical Authenticity Beta Readers: Those of you who have seriously studied, or lived through, 1950’s America. I’ve done a great number of interviews and research on the time period, but I’d your help in knowing if I use technology, jargon, or cultural norms that weren’t part of the late 40’s/early 50’s.

3. Crime/Investigator/Military Beta Readers: With a main character who served in WWII, tried his hand a private investigating, and is working with a city detective to solve a murder, there may be things that just don’t fit.  Understanding of procedures 65 years ago are a plus!

4. Casual Readers: Just looking for the average reader’s opinion. The sort who enjoys diverse genres and might pick this book up on the cover or blurb alone. In this case I’m looking for the type of potential readers that would be interested in the story.

If you are willing to help me as a beta reader – Thank you so much! Please reach out to me via email, twitter, facebook, or however else you can get a message to me.  If you don’t think beta reading is for you, but would still like to receive a free review copy, be sure to sign up for my newsletter.