A New Book for Superhero Super fans

Collateral Damage: A Superhero Anthology featuring a foreword written by me!

I was honored to be asked to write the foreword (not to be confused with a forward) to Steve Beaulieu’s latest entry into what’s become a bedrock anthology series for those who enjoy super heroes, regular heroes, superpowers (and, I guess, villains).

If you’re a fan of comics, give this book a try. You’re not going to beat the price of one dollar minus one penny. The last time I bought a comic it cost five times that much and delivered a whole lot less.


From the description:

Have we ever needed caped crusaders more than today?

Thirteen wildly talented authors join forces to bring you never-before published tales of Superheroes doing what they do—saving the world.

Live vicariously through the Supers of today in the all original series Superheroes and Vile Villains.

Defy the Guild with the lovable, but arrogant Baron Steel, discover what it would be like if a super-powered man played baseball in Will Swardstrom’s Pastime, experience a man out of time, in both senses of the word in Chris Kallias’ Out of Time, and so much more.

More stories than you could shake a radioactive cat at for less than the price of one!

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