Legionnaire Concept Art

That book I’m writing for Galaxy’s Edge. Legionnaire. Well…we’ve got new rough concept art baybay! [image_frame url=”http://www.jasonanspach.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/legionaireRoughs2.jpg” border_style=”boxed-frame-hover” action=”open-lightbox”] There’s still more artwork pending final approval during the creative process, but I couldn’t resist sharing this one! [content_box type=”with-header” title=”” text_color=”dark” color=”default”] Excited to read it? You can, right now! Read the first chapter of …

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Stormtroopers Can’t Shoot Straight. Legionnaires Can.

If there’s one thing that bugged me about Star Wars (and I love Star Wars) it’s the way Stormtroopers can’t shoot for sh…it’s that stormtroopers can’t shoot straight. I get that the Emperor discontinued the clone program and filled the ranks with less optimized beings. But it always struck me as nonsensical. Luke, Han, Leia, …

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