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’til Death Available For Pre-order

Grab it early and it’ll only cost you $0.99. That’s cheaper than a cup of coffee and you can enjoy it over and over! [button title=”Pre-order on Amazon” link=”″ new_tab=”no” three_d=”yes” size=”large” color=”sunflower”]

A Lesson from Jay Sherman

No author should sound like Jay Sherman from the Critic (remember that show?). I certainly don’t intend to go on and o. A lot of you already know about my upcoming novel, ’til Death. It’s gotten some great early feedback and I love the story. [video_embed url=”” embed_style=”default” width=”300″] You’re my friends and I’d like to give you a free copy. If you want a free advanced copy in exchange for an honest review, go and sign up for my newsletter here:

Cover Reveal: ’til Death

Sam Rockwell is a fledgling private investigator specializing in Returns, or, recently deceased ghosts with unfinished business. After his no-nonsense father is murdered and comes back, Sam takes the case hoping for a big break and a chance to win the heart of his Girl Friday. Short on experience and long on the swagger of the dog-eared pulp fiction he keeps in his desk, Rockwell sets out to find his father’s killer only to find himself caught up in a deadly game of Cold War Intrigue at its most horrific as the Doomsday Clock inches closer to permanent midnight in…

Let me tell you about a great book…

Body of a killer, mind of a child, heart of a hero…  When a troubled scientist – trying to save a young boy, and maybe himself – steals the dying child of a simple Amish couple and transplants the brain and cardiovascular system of their 11-year-old autistic son into an incredibly lethal DARPA robot, the dark forces of government come looking for their investment.Dr. Alexander and the monster escape into an Amish community to hide among the plain folk while Frank, the boy trapped inside the body of the world’s deadliest robot, learns how to leave the world of autism and…

The Podcast Project

I’m an official contributor to a new podcast that I think you’ll really enjoy. Writers are fairly adept at building worlds. A group of us decided to see what would happen if we joined together to build a fantasy world by writing about and playing some old school RPGs. We’ve recorded the sessions for your enjoyment – they’re hilarious with fun characters. The site is under construction, but you can put on your hard hat and check it out now.  Stay tuned for the first episode…

It is finished! Sort of. Beta Readers Wanted, Inquire within.

’til Death is now a completed manuscript! I finished the penultimate draft thirty-six minutes before my thirty-sixth birthday. I’m a novelist now, just not a published one. I wrote this book to tell a fun story about life in a 1950’s America where the recently deceased come back as ghosts, often enough that it’s an accepted part of living.  How would people behave if the hereafter was a given? That story is done, but I need your help.   The cover, (newsletter subscribers will get the first look at this week), has my name in white letters. If I’m going to…

Brother, Frankenstein: Who doesn’t love FREE BOOKS?

Tomorrow my friend Michael Bunker is releasing Brother Frankenstein. Distilled to three words: Amish. Robot. Frankenstein. It’s an amazing book and I predict it will be made into a pretty good movie, too.  I say pretty good because the movie is never better than the book. Especially this book. You can read my review here. Michael tends to, let’s say, buck convention. He lives a plain lifestyle completely off-grid. He also offered Brother Frankenstein, for free, to anyone who wanted a copy.  He understands that in this new world of publishing, we readers support quality with our wallets. We’ll gladly pay an…

Finding a Cover Artist

I had written 3,000 words for ’til Death when I contacted Mike Corley to see about creating a cover for it. You might already know his work, he’s the official cover artist for Apocalypse Weird. Mike and I had never talked, but I was familiar with his work and knew that he was the man to put a cover to my first novel. Why? Well, the way I see it, readers who love your work are going to share some things in common with you. Maybe not politically or theologically, but artistically? I’d say so. Because of that I wanted…

Dedicated Book Sites?

I saw a really nice book website put out by M. Bunker & Nick Cole the other day.  Should I do the same for my book, once it’s ready to release? I asked the question over on kboards (great site). In addition to seeing a really great book site by an author using the same cover illustrator as me, I found some sage advice. TLDR: Even at $12 + personal time, probably not worth the ROI unless you’re already a big name. So a page on this main site, it will be.