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Stormtroopers Can’t Shoot Straight. Legionnaires Can.

If there’s one thing that bugged me about Star Wars (and I love Star Wars) it’s the way Stormtroopers can’t shoot for sh…it’s that stormtroopers can’t shoot straight. I get that the Emperor discontinued the clone program and filled the ranks with less optimized beings. But it always struck me as nonsensical. Luke, Han, Leia, & Chewie should have absolutely been killed while on the Death Star. Stormtroopers can’t shoot straight. Now, there’s an argument that it was Vader’s decision to let them get away. He had to find that hidden rebel base on Yavin IV. So he ordered the stormtroopers…

A Couple of Guys Playing With Action Figures

My writing time is focused on a Space Opera & Military Science Fiction Adventure called Galaxy’s Edge. If you know me at all, you know I’m a huge Star Wars nerd. This project is basically my friend Nick Cole & me playing with our action figures out in the backyard and writing down what happens. Nick wrote a post about what we’re looking to accomplish over at the Galaxy’s Edge website. Check it out because readers are absolutely loving this story! If you’re already a subscriber, here’s something to tug at those backyard action figure memories…  

’til Death: The Man Who Balked

A pennant is on the line and a life hangs in the balance! When local baseball player Junior Jones receives death threats over the color of his skin, the team’s wealthy owner hires Sam Rockwell to solve the case and stop a murder before it happens. Sam goes undercover as a minor league pitcher to strike out the culprit. Follow the clues along with Sam’s curmudgeonly ghost of a father Frank Rockwell, and Sam’s wife Amelia, who holds a secret that will forever change the lives of the entire Rockwell family. It’s another laugh-filled, madcap mystery in the warm, witty…

’til Death: Second Impressions

  Exciting News! Sam’s story continues in… ’til Death: Second Impressions I’m so excited to tell you about the release of my latest book, ’til Death: Second Impressions. This book was so much fun to write and readers who enjoyed the nifty-fifties paranormal fun of the first book will be glad to find more of the same. It’s on sale over at amazon for .99 cents, but just for a limited time! Here’s the cover! Wisecracking Private Detective Sam Rockwell is running for his life, but that doesn’t keep him from taking the case of a Return who’s slipped past Heaven’s…

Goodreads Giveaway: Signed Copy of ’til Death

I’m running a giveaway for a signed copy of ’til Death. The drawing closes on October 3rd! Goodreads Book Giveaway ’til Death by Jason Anspach Giveaway ends October 03, 2015. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway Can’t wait for the contest to end? Grab a copy today on amazon! [button title=”$0.99 ” link=”” new_tab=”no” size=”large” color=”pomegranate”]

New Short Story Available!

In this volume, you’ll find a short story written by yours truly and the most amazing recipe for Creole Chicken Étouffée straight from my wife’s magical bayou recipe book. Also, if you ever wondered how to make coffee after the world ends (and living in the northwest, how could you not?) you’ll find a handy guide by off grid survivalist Michael Bunker. It’s only a buck right now. Check it out!

’til Death Now in Print…

Print copies of ’til Death are available on amazon. You can also purchase signed and personalized copies directly from me. [button title=”Buy on Amazon” link=”” new_tab=”no” icon=”icon-book” special_style=”yes” size=”large” color=”pomegranate”] [button title=”Buy a Signed Copy” link=”” new_tab=”no” icon=”icon-book” special_style=”yes” size=”large” color=”pomegranate”] Finally, this is the last week the e-book copy will be on sale for the introductory price of $0.99 – get it by this weekend. It will go up to its regular price of $2.99 on Monday! [button title=”Get the Kindle Deal” link=”” new_tab=”no” icon=”icon-book” special_style=”yes” size=”large” color=”pomegranate”]

Coming Soon: Print Copies of ’til Death

  You can still get the kindle version for the sale price of $0.99, but these beauties will be available soon. Proof copies came in the mail yesterday, and they look great!

Cover Concepts

I joked a while back that choosing a cover for ’til Death was harder than actually writing the book.  M.S. Corley shared those conceptual designs on his blog this morning. I’m happy with the cover, but all of these would have been great for the book.  If I ever need to do a second edition, I’ll pick a cover from the gallery.  

’til Death is released at the special price of $0.99