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Through The Nether

NETHER OPS works in shadows, and those shadows taint all they touch. Soren Voss believes in the Republic. But when he puts a promising Navy career on hold to serve as a covert agent, he encounters truths that throw everything he knows into turmoil. After weeks in deep cover living life with ruthless gangs, Soren uncovers a stolen cache of weapons, a mysterious upgraded form of legionnaire armor, and a written oath of loyalty for someone named…Goth Sullus. The agent follows leads that bring him face-to-face with crooked legionnaires, slimy politicians, and a powerful smuggler and gunrunner named Scarpia. Soren…

New Release: Requiem for Medusa

An all-new series set in Galaxy’s Edge and featuring Tyrus Rechs! My latest release, co-authored with Nick Cole, is here and readers are loving it. Requiem for Medusa by Jason Anspach & Nick Cole is a blockbuster summer thrill-ride sure to leave you wanting more from the notorious bounty hunter, Tyrus Rechs! It’s not just payback… it’s personal. The scum hiding deep inside the Reach out along galaxy’s edge thought they could kill her and not pay the price. For years these hardened killers have run roughshod over the lawless worlds where Republic justice is never as fast as the…


Message for the Dead is here!

Survive the Future.   As Legion Commander Keller attempts to coax the Republic and Black Fleet into a winner-take-all battle at the heart of the Galactic Core, Wraith uncovers secrets from Tyrus Rechs’s past. Determined to liberate his crew from the clutches of a dormant fleet controlled by a hostile AI, the soldier-turned-rogue comes face to face with the galaxy’s greatest threat. Meanwhile, Chhun and Kill Team Victory find themselves taking on new roles inside the Legion, and the fight for control of the Galactic Republic hits its zenith with the arrival of the malevolent Cybar.   Read on e-book…

Get a Free Galaxy’s Edge short story!

An exclusive free Galaxy’s Edge short story can be yours free of charge. Here’s a fun one. We wanted to write a legionnaire story that hearkened back to the battlefields of Vietnam. Legionnaire has been called stormtroopers in Afghanistan. Well, this one is stormtroopers in ‘Nam. And, we’re giving it away, that’s right, a free Galaxy’s Edge short story, just for you: The Heart of a Hero In the wilds of a jungle planet, the Legion fights in brutal combat as Republic marines fly their SLICS from one tragedy to the next. H292, a repurposed warbot, shows the heart of…

A New Book for Superhero Super fans

Collateral Damage: A Superhero Anthology featuring a foreword written by me! I was honored to be asked to write the foreword (not to be confused with a forward) to Steve Beaulieu’s latest entry into what’s become a bedrock anthology series for those who enjoy super heroes, regular heroes, superpowers (and, I guess, villains). If you’re a fan of comics, give this book a try. You’re not going to beat the price of one dollar minus one penny. The last time I bought a comic it cost five times that much and delivered a whole lot less.   From the description:…

New Release – At The Helm: Volume 2: A Sci-Fi Bridge Anthology

I’ve got some never-before-published words out in the wild! Presenting At The Helm: Volume 2: A Sci-Fi Bridge Anthology. Featuring a slew of amazing authors like Rysa Walker, Nick Cole, E.E. Giorgi, Isaac Hooke plus a Foreword by Jay Allan.  Interstellar journeys. Epic battles. Artificial Intelligence longing for meaning. Life as we know it, ending… Sci-Fi Bridge is thrilled to present its second collection from bestselling authors and newly emerging writers.  At The Helm: Volume 2. These stories span the near and far future. They transport you to worlds unknown. They examine today’s fears amid tomorrow’s technologies. From the far corners…

Sneak Preview: Galaxy’s Edge Cover Design

Just in case you missed it yesterday, here is the new cover design for Galaxy’s Edge: Galactic Outlaws.   When you’re writing StarWarsNotStarWars, what better place to get artists than the world of video games? Scott Flanders is a conceptual artist that is working on a top-secret project with my writing partner, Nick Cole. He sent us some preliminary Galaxy’s Edge: Galactic Outlaws designs the night before last. I was blown away when I saw these, excitedly showing them to my wife as she sighed, “My husband is a huge nerd.” 😀 What do you think of them?   If…

Legionnaire Concept Art

That book I’m writing for Galaxy’s Edge. Legionnaire. Well…we’ve got new rough concept art baybay! [image_frame url=”” border_style=”boxed-frame-hover” action=”open-lightbox”] There’s still more artwork pending final approval during the creative process, but I couldn’t resist sharing this one! [content_box type=”with-header” title=”” text_color=”dark” color=”default”] Excited to read it? You can, right now! Read the first chapter of Legionnaire and the first TWO chapters of Galaxy’s Edge: Galactic Outlaws by going to [button title=”Find Out More” link=”” new_tab=”no” color=”carrot”] [/content_box]

Hear Jason Anspach Live Tonight

We’re talking Galaxy’s Edge, Alternative Business Models, and more! Hey everyone! Jason Anspach and Nick Cole are live on Thursday Night Live! hosted by Josh Hayes and Scott Moon. So the show airs live tonight at at 8PM Pacific Time. We’re scheduled to talk about Galaxy’s Edge and our alternative business model for releasing content without Amazon or Patreon. And if you’ve never heard of Galaxy’s Edge (I’m assuming you’ve at least heard of Jason Anspach seeing as how you’re on the site)…             [content_box type=”with-header” title=”Truly Epic Military Science Fiction – it’s StarWarsNotStarWars”…

I did a Podcast with Nick Cole

I recorded a podcast with Nick Cole a couple of months ago. This was initially an exclusive for subscribers to Galaxy’s Edge, but it’s up and available to anyone who wants to hear about how the Sci-Fi project started.   [content_box type=”with-header” title=”Galaxy’s Edge is an exciting new military space opera published in a new and exciting way!” text_color=”dark” color=”default”] A LONG, LONG TIME FROM NOW, AT THE EDGE OF THE GALAXY… PRISMA MAYDOON HAS COME TO THE FRONTIER STAR PORT AT ACKABAR WITH HER FAITHFUL SERVANT KRS-88 TO EMPLOY A BOUNTY HUNTER AND OBTAIN JUSTICE FOR HER MURDERED…