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Get a Free Galaxy’s Edge short story!

An exclusive free Galaxy’s Edge short story can be yours free of charge. Here’s a fun one. We wanted to write a legionnaire story that hearkened back to the battlefields of Vietnam. Legionnaire has been called stormtroopers in Afghanistan. Well, this one is stormtroopers in ‘Nam. And, we’re giving it away, that’s right, a free Galaxy’s Edge short story, just for you: The Heart of a Hero In the wilds of a jungle planet, the Legion fights in brutal combat as Republic marines fly their SLICS from one tragedy to the next. H292, a repurposed warbot, shows the heart of…

New Short Story Available!

In this volume, you’ll find a short story written by yours truly and the most amazing recipe for Creole Chicken Étouffée straight from my wife’s magical bayou recipe book. Also, if you ever wondered how to make coffee after the world ends (and living in the northwest, how could you not?) you’ll find a handy guide by off grid survivalist Michael Bunker. It’s only a buck right now. Check it out!