Sneak Preview: Galaxy’s Edge Cover Design

Just in case you missed it yesterday, here is the new cover design for Galaxy’s Edge: Galactic Outlaws.


When you’re writing StarWarsNotStarWars, what better place to get artists than the world of video games? Scott Flanders is a conceptual artist that is working on a top-secret project with my writing partner, Nick Cole. He sent us some preliminary Galaxy’s Edge: Galactic Outlaws designs the night before last.

I was blown away when I saw these, excitedly showing them to my wife as she sighed, “My husband is a huge nerd.” 😀

What do you think of them?


If you find yourself saying, “Galaxy’s What, now?” like Jasper Beardly, head on over to to learn more about the project. We just sent part one to our editor, and early readers love it. The book is full of star fighters, bounty hunters, cynical smugglers in it for the credits, shock troopers, criminals, and more.

StarWarsNotStarWars is the most fun I’ve had writing.

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