Brother, Frankenstein: Who doesn’t love FREE BOOKS?

Tomorrow my friend Michael Bunker is releasing Brother Frankenstein. Distilled to three words: Amish. Robot. Frankenstein.

It’s an amazing book and I predict it will be made into a pretty good movie, too.  I say pretty good because the movie is never better than the book. Especially this book. You can read my review here.

Michael tends to, let’s say, buck convention. He lives a plain lifestyle completely off-grid. He also offered Brother Frankenstein, for free, to anyone who wanted a copy.  He understands that in this new world of publishing, we readers support quality with our wallets. We’ll gladly pay an indie author to keep producing works we love, even if we first received the book for free.

It’s too late to get a free Brother Frankenstein from Michael, but I’ll be giving away 5 free copies of the book on April 29th.  All you need to do is sign up for my newsletter and await further instructions tomorrow morning. Not only that, but I’ll tell you how to get a free copy of my forthcoming novel, ‘Til Death, once it’s available. You’ll also be on the inside track for news about my Apocalypse Weird: Oregon project.

Happy Reading!




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