Finding a Cover Artist

I had written 3,000 words for ’til Death when I contacted Mike Corley to see about creating a cover for it. You might already know his work, he’s the official cover artist for Apocalypse Weird.

Mike and I had never talked, but I was familiar with his work and knew that he was the man to put a cover to my first novel.


Well, the way I see it, readers who love your work are going to share some things in common with you. Maybe not politically or theologically, but artistically? I’d say so.

Because of that I wanted a cover that…

  1. Looked Great
  2. Conveyed the Feel of the Book
  3. Had an Artistic Style that I liked.

I love Mike’s work. And if you’re like me, I’m thinking you will, too.  The big reveal is scheduled for May.

As for Mike, I hear he’s just about unavailable to Indie Authors since his stock has been rising so much among publishers. I’d recommend trying to lock him in while you still can.

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