Hey, thanks for stopping by and welcome to the official site of author Jason Anspach. Jason is the author of Forgotten RuinWayward Galaxy and other stories. He is the co-creator of the Military Science Fiction franchise, Galaxy's Edge.


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Ha. Fun to be featured by @realBingeBooks alongside my pal Johnny, who actually wrote an early Galaxy's Edge book with us. twitter.com/realBingeBooks… https://t.co/LxBp7o7XeZ


Saw a meme a while back that said Art Deco looks like dwarves built it and Art Nouveau look like elves built it, and honestly no notes. twitter.com/NouveauDeco/st…

Art Nouveau claret jug from 1903 by WMF, Germany.

Every Batman actor should have to audition with this scene.

This painting is 600 years old.

And that mirror in the background is barely ten centimetres across, yet it contains a reflection of the entire room.

Including the artist at work, one of the greatest painters who ever lived, a man called Jan van Eyck...

So we’re publishing a certain Tom Clancy with mechs series under our WarGate. LAND&SEA is going to be amazing. twitter.com/bpardoe870/sta…

The WarGate Publishing announcement on my new book series. galaxysedge.us/wargate-books-…

Mouthpiece of the state. Avoid any outlet that is unwilling to be principled. Yes, this means avoiding (almost?) every media outlet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ twitter.com/PolitiFact/sta…

U.S. House Democrats made objections to election results in 2001, 2005 and 2017, when the losing candidate had already conceded. They were mostly symbolic measures. bit.ly/3xVYPZf

FBI is supposed to defend us from criminals not be criminals. twitter.com/IJ/status/1573…

March 2021, the FBI raided a safe deposit box company, breaking open & seizing everything in the boxes.

18 months later, newly unsealed court documents show that the FBI & U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles got their warrant by misleading the judge.

A government giving itself limitless resources (printing money) is a top 3 threat to its citizens and the world at large.

How? Read Murray Rothbard or Ludwig Von Mises, or for a more modern interpretation, read The Bitcoin Standard (or the Fiat Standard) by @saifedean twitter.com/RepThomasMassi…

Printing money caused inflation. It’s that simple. A child can understand the principle of dilution.

But now, to combat inflation, the government’s plan is to slow down the economy by increasing interest rates.

I hope enough people will realize the firefighters are arsonists.


Jason lives in the Pacific Northwest together with one wife, seven kids, the crew of the Indelible VI, the ghost of Calvin Coolidge, and the family dog, Charlotte.

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