Hey, thanks for stopping by and welcome to the official site of author Jason Anspach. Jason is the author of Forgotten RuinWayward Galaxy and other stories. He is the co-creator of the Military Science Fiction franchise, Galaxy's Edge.


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@TheJasonAnspach I just finished King’s League. Wow 🤩! I was shocked that I enjoyed it this much. I can’t wait to start the 2nd book, but first Wayward Galaxy.

.@RealNickCole, write that down. twitter.com/HawksHauling/s…

@TheJasonAnspach I thought of this the other day.
Tom Brady would have been an elite and left on one of the first light huggers right? I think there he perfected TB12. He then used it on Rechs to keep him “performing”. Therefore I came to the conclusion that Rechs survived on TB12.

Twitter has broken just about every piece of this FTX story using blockchain analytics, while NYT is writing puff pieces on a criminal.

Feels like a turning point for citizen journalism and loss of trust in MSM.

Live KTF 2 AAR happening in 30 mins at Battlefield Vegas. Excited to you guys soon. We’ve got an exclusive patch for the leejes who show up!

It's November and Galaxy's Edge is donating 22% of all store proceeds toward Mission 22 as we support our veterans through our annual #galaxyforgood campaign.

Special exclusive items have 100% of proceeds going to charity. Visit galaxysedge.us/galaxy-for-goo… to find out more.


Jason lives in the Pacific Northwest together with one wife, seven kids, the crew of the Indelible VI, the ghost of Calvin Coolidge, and the family dog, Charlotte.

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